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    NWDE SponsorsHIP & Exhibitor Package

The EDDS's NorthWest Dental Exposition (NWDE) is among the largest single day dental trade shows in Canada. This full-day meeting will include a panel of speakers as well as a virtual exhibit hall. The goal of NWDE 2021 is to provide our participants with the best experience in CE courses and connecting with their industry partners.    

NWDE 2021 lectures and exhibit hall will be a held virtually on October 2, 2021 (Saturday).  After October 2, all recorded scientific sessions will be available on-demand.  The exhibition hall will remain open for exhibitors and attendees to connect until December 31, 2021. 

Event management company (Reveal) has been hired to provide technical support for NWDE 2021. They will be providing detailed guidance and training to all exhibitors and their team members on setting the virtual booths, capturing leads, creating engagements, generating reports, producing branded announcements and uploading product videos etc., to ensure our exhibitors can take full advantage of the platform, receive the maximum benefits and get the best possible results.

Exhibition and sponsorship opportunities are available for companies wishing to further promote their company.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to engage with our members.  For further information, please visit the EDDS website or contact us directly at edds.yeg@gmail.com

Click here to the Sponsor & Exhibitor Registration Page

Here is some information regarding the exhibitor & sponsor registration: 

More Info

Please contact the EDDS Central Office for meeting dates and topics available for the next season.

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 92030
Meadowbrook, RPO, Edmonton, AB T6T 1N1
(780) 642-8270



One Spot Only

Brand name in the wordmark/logo of NWDE 2021

One premium booth




3 Spots Only

Portal Login Logo Image & Banner

One premium booth



logo on the video for the whole duration

of the session ( 1.5 hours )

two premium booths



logo on the video for the whole duration

of the session ( 1 hour )

one premium booth



Free Upgrade to Premium Booth

if register by June 30

  • Virtual Exhibit on Oct 2, 2021
  • 2 company rep logins
  • One-to-One meetings with prospects
  • Uploading promotional Video ( 2-min ) 
  • Uploading product/service brochure & documents 
  • Multiple product & service listings
  • Exhibitor listing on NWDE website



  • Virtual Exhibit on Oct 2, 2021 plus  full access during Oct 1 to Dec 31 as attendees are able to visit the exhibition hall 
  • 5 company rep logins
  • Branded announcement at the lobby
  • 30min product/service demonstration at the demo section in lobby
  • Logo included in the sponsor carousel
  • Sponsored social media post
  • Virtual swag bag offers
  • Gamification code & prize
  • 3D exhibition booth
  • Leads retrievals
  • Detailed reports 
  • One-to-One meetings with prospects
  • Uploading promotional Video ( 2-min ) 
  • Uploading product/service brochure & documents 
  • Multiple product & service listings
  • Exhibitor listing on NWDE website



  1. When is the event and will the exhibition hall be open all day ? Oct 2, 2021, but the exhibition hall will remain open until Dec 31.  Exhibitors will be able to connect and engage with their prospects during this period. The exhibition hall/booths are open all day.  All scientific sessions will be available on-demand until Dec 31, so we expect steady traffic to the platform until Dec 31.
  2. What is the gamification code & prize, & what is it used for?  With gamification, we encourage attendees to win points by collecting codes that are provided at the booths of the exhibitors who participate in this.  With the earned points, the attendees will have opportunities to win prizes.  Click here to the detail explanation from our virtual platform. 
  3. What is "Product/Service Demonstration" ? There is a "Showcase" section at the lobby.  All 30-min product/service demonstration videos will be posted there for attendees to the newest and greatest product/service offers from the exhibitors.
  4. What is "Branded Announcement" ? Branded announcements are shown right at the lobby below the main splash video.  They are interactive and highly effective in drawing attention from the attendees to the offers and information of the exhibitor.
  5. What is "Logo in Sponsor Carousel ? A rotating carousel is located at the top of the lobby page.  The carousel is showing each logo of our exhibitors and each logo is clickable to the exhibitor's website or booth.
  6. What is "Sponsored Social Media Post" ? NWDE 2021 will be constantly sending out social media posts and this provides an opportunity to have us to promote the product/service of the exhibitors. There is a live social media feed at the lobby page.
  7. What is "Virtual Swag Bag" ? We are going to delivery a virtual swag bag to each NWDE attendee's inbox.  Each premium booth exhibitor will be provided with one content card, where they can decide what to put in the virtual swag bag.  The choices of contents are information, voucher, discount, subscription,  quiz and poll.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us at edds.yeg@gmail.com or at 780-642-9270.

Thank you to Our Distinguished Sponsors

P.O. Box 92030
Meadowbrook, RPO, Edmonton
T6T 1N1

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