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January 10, 2020

Dr. David Gratton - Digital Workflows for Everyday Dentistry
Co-Sponsored by Henry Schein and 3-Shape

Dr. David G. Gratton is Associate Professor, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Director, Division of Maxillofacial Prosthodontics at the University of Iowa. Dr. Gratton received his DDS from the University of Michigan (1994), and his Certificate in Prosthodontics (1996) and Master's of Science (1997) from the University of Iowa. He is a Fellow in the Academy of Prosthodontics and the International Team for Implantology. Dr. Gratton's prosthodontic and maxillofacial prosthetics practice incorporates multiple digital technologies.


Technology is deeply engrained in our personal and social lives, but what about our professional lives as dentists? Clinical dentistry (well, at least the dental laboratory industry) is embracing the application of digitial technologies to replace the analog techniques with which we are so comfortable. While this is especially true in the realm of impression making procedures and chair side prosthesis manufacturing, processes can be digitized at each phase of restorative and implant treatment, resulting in the virtulization of the patient from diagnosis through prosthesis delivery. These digital dentistry technologies will be explored to generate familiarity with their capabilities, advantages, disadvantages, and limitations. With the adoption of these technologies the roster of the care team may change, the role of some players may be enhanced, while others may be minimized, and ultimately new members will be recruited. Are these technologies jeopardizing the role of the digital technologist as a member of the team?

Critically, the clinician is correct to ask: Does the scientific evidence support the routine clinical use of these emerging technologies for the evolving virtual dental patient? And what impact does the adoption of digital dentistry have on patient care? These clinical outcomes should always be a primary consideration.

This course will trace the integration of digital dentistry into the everyday restorative practice.

Please note: registration ends: Jan 03, 2020

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