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Upcoming events

    • December 01, 2023
    • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Edmonton Convention Centre
    • 133

    Dr. Brian Goodacre

    Lecture Synopsis

      This course will focus on the current and future applications of digital dentures. Discussing the benefits, limitations, and clinical workflows. The widespread use of intraoral scanners have changed the way we fabricate dentures. This presentation will demonstrate the clinical workflows and discuss the pros and cons of using these emerging techniques. Additionally, it is widely known that 3D-printed complete dentures are growing in popularity, but how do they compare to milled dentures? This lecture will compare the physical properties of milled and printed complete dentures to help determine their best applications.


      Dr. Brian J. Goodacre received his DDS degree from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 2013. He completed a four-and-a-half-year combined program in Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 2017, earning an MSD degree. He is a board-certified prosthodontist and the director of clinical technologies for Nobel Biocare North America. He is an adjunct professor at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry providing lectures to both dental and graduate students. Dr. Goodacre lectures both nationally and internationally on topics related to digital dentistry, prosthodontics, and implant dentistry. Additionally, he has published over twenty articles in peer-reviewed journals and contributed to 6 textbook chapters. He maintains a private practice located in Upland, California where he practices with his father and classmate.

      • January 19, 2024
      • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
      • Edmonton Convention Centre
      • 285

      Dr. Manor Haas

      Lecture Synopsis

        This program will show how you can perform endodontics more predictably, in less time and more safely, by incorporating endodontic innovations.   Many recent advances in endodontic armamentaria and protocols have, for the better, simplified clinical endodontics.  By doing so, we can perform endodontics more efficiently and safely.  This will include innovations in diagnosis, instrumentation (including calcified canals), intra-canal disinfection, obturation, and single visit endodontics, amongst other aspects of endodontics.

        Numerous practical tips, tricks and tools will be highlighted to help you consistently perform root canal treatments more predictably.



        Learn which innovations will help you consistently perform endo faster and more safely

        Learn how to predictably negotiate, instrument and obturate calcified and curved canals (including MB2).

        Learn how to perform single visit root canals with predictable outcomes.

        Learn how to prevent and manage post-op pain and flare-ups.

        Learn the real world return on investment endo can bring to you, your patients and your practice with very practical clinical and administrative tips.


        Dr. Haas is a certified specialist in endodontics and is extensively involved in continuing education (webinars, lectures and workshops) to general dentists and specialists.  He is on staff at the University of Toronto and Hospital for Sick Children Department of Dentistry, and maintains a full-time private practice limited to Endodontics and Microsurgery in Toronto.  Dr. Haas is a regular contributor to dental magazines and websites and has lectured internationally on nearly all aspects of modern endodontics.   He takes great pride in providing very honest and extremely practical courses.

        • March 22, 2024
        • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
        • Edmonton Convention Centre
        • 294

        Dr. Joe Kan

        Lecture Synopsis

          Achieving anterior implant esthetics is challenging and demanding.

          Creating implant restorations with harmonious gingival contour that emulate nature is a fusion of some

          science and lots of art. Understanding the biologic and physiologic limitations of soft and hard tissue is

          key to facilitate predictability in complex esthetic situations.

          This course will focus on current implant treatment philosophies and methodologies for replacing


          missing teeth and the management of patients who will be losing a tooth or teeth in the esthetic zone.

          Emphasis will be placed on diagnosis and treatment planning, complex case and complication

          management, interdisciplinary treatment options, occlusion management, and soft and hard tissue

          regeneration for optimal anterior implant esthetics.


          -Prognostic keys for predictable implant esthetics

          -Immediate vs. Delayed vs. Early tooth replacements concepts

          -Bone & Soft Tissue Regeneration Concepts

          -Papilla management

          -Gingival recession and Papilla loss

          -Management of surgical and prosthetic complications

          -Restorative Emergence Profile Contouring (From Provisionalization to Final Crown)

          -Root Shield: What I learned over the past 13 years?


          Dr. Kan completed Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry from Loma Linda University. He is a Professor

          and maintains a private practice.

          • April 26, 2024
          • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
          • Edmonton Convention Centre
          • 294

          Dr. Philip Walton

          Lecture Synopsis

            Coming Soon.


            Dr. Walton earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Toronto. Prior to pursuit of his graduate dental studies, he completed externships at the University of Michigan and overseas at King's College School of Medicine and Dentistry in London, England.

            Dr. Walton completed his Master’s degree in Periodontology at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. His practice includes conventional periodontal therapy for tooth maintenance, periodontal plastics as well as advanced regenerative techniques and implant rehabilitation. His current area of focus lies in immediate implant placement and temporization for both single, multiple and full arch reconstruction.

            Dr. Walton is a Fellow of the Royal College of Canada and a US Board Certified Diplomate of Periodontics and Implantology. He maintains an affiliation to University of Toronto, and Harvard as a clinical instructor, international research fellow, admissions committee member and active alumnus.

          Past events

          October 13, 2023 Dr. Cheryl Cable - The changing landscape of head and neck cancers in Canada - What oral health care providers need to know.
          October 13, 2023 Dr. Miguel Ortiz - Adhesion Theory/ CAD-CAM Dental Materials / Dental Photography
          September 22, 2023 Northwest Dental Exposition (NWDE) 2023
          September 22, 2023 NWDE 2023 Exhibitor Registration
          June 15, 2023 Alberta Dental Association and College – Alberta Wellness Summit
          May 26, 2023 EDDS 9-Hole Golf Tournament
          May 26, 2023 EDDS Annual General Meeting 2023
          April 28, 2023 Dr. Scott Froum - Saving Implants and Teeth: Changing Prognosis Through Technological Advances
          March 24, 2023 Dr. Sonia Leziy - Digital Workflow in Implant Dentistry
          January 20, 2023 Dr. Markus Blatz - CAD/CAM Ceramic Update in Esthetic Dentistry
          January 01, 2023 New Year's Day
          December 31, 2022 New Year's Eve
          December 26, 2022 Boxing Day
          December 25, 2022 Christmas Day
          December 24, 2022 Christmas Eve
          December 03, 2022 Dr. Mehrdad Razaghy - Hands-on Course – Mastering Posterior Direct Restorations
          December 02, 2022 Dr. Mehrdad Razaghy - The Biomimetic Approach: Dentistry Inspired by Nature
          November 11, 2022 Remembrance Day
          October 31, 2022 Halloween
          October 15, 2022 Dr. Lesley David - Oral Surgery Every Day Bliss
          October 10, 2022 Thanksgiving
          October 04, 2022 Henry Schein Dental Fest Calgary
          September 23, 2022 Northwest Dental Exposition (NWDE) 2022
          September 23, 2022 NWDE 2022 Exhibitor Registration
          September 05, 2022 Labour Day
          August 01, 2022 Heritage Day
          July 01, 2022 Canada Day
          June 19, 2022 Father's Day
          May 26, 2022 American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry 2022
          May 23, 2022 Victoria Day
          May 21, 2022 American Association of Orthodontists’ Annual Meeting 2022
          May 19, 2022 EDDS Annual General Meeting 2022
          May 08, 2022 Mother's Day
          April 29, 2022 Dr. Robert Winter - Outcome-Based Treatment: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Patient-Centered Outcomes
          April 18, 2022 Easter Monday
          April 17, 2022 Easter Sunday
          April 15, 2022 Good Friday
          March 22, 2022 Self-Study CE Reporting Form for Recorded Scientific Session Successful Integration of Invisalign in your practice
          March 18, 2022 Dr. Stephane Reinhardt - Successful Integration of Invisalign in your practice
          March 17, 2022 St. Patrick's Day
          March 10, 2022 Pacific Dental Conference
          February 24, 2022 2022 AO Annual Meeting
          February 24, 2022 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting
          February 21, 2022 Family Day
          February 14, 2022 Valentine's Day
          January 25, 2022 Self-Study CE Reporting Form for Recorded Scientific Session on Jan 22, 2022
          January 22, 2022 CE Reporting Form for Scientific Session on Jan 22, 2022
          January 22, 2022 Dr. Philip Walton - Unique Challenges & Considerations for Achieving Implant Success
          January 01, 2022 New Year's Day
          December 31, 2021 New Year's Eve
          December 26, 2021 Boxing Day
          December 25, 2021 Christmas Day
          December 24, 2021 Christmas Eve
          December 15, 2021 Self-Study CE Reporting Form for Recorded Scientific Session on Dec 10, 2021
          December 10, 2021 CE Reporting Form for Scientific Session on Dec 10, 2021
          December 10, 2021 Dr. Kyle Stanley - "The LA Dental Update": From AI and Implant Dogmas to Mental Health in Dentistry
          October 29, 2021 Self-Study CE Reporting Form for Recorded Scientific Session on Oct 22, 2021
          October 22, 2021 Dr. Michael Major - Malocclusion & Medical History: a Dentist’s Guide to Pediatric Airway & Sleep Medicine
          October 22, 2021 CE Reporting Form for Scientific Session on Oct 22, 2021
          October 02, 2021 CE Reporting Form for Cementation of Indirect Materials - Dr. Nate Lawson
          October 02, 2021 CE Reporting Form for 21st Century Preventive Care: Are you practicing in this Century? - Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz
          October 02, 2021 CE Reporting Form forIncreasing Clear Aligner Predictability and Efficiency using Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound technology - Dr. Stephen Schalk
          October 02, 2021 CE Reporting Form for Digital workflow for chairside milling with ITERO Element 5D Scanner - Dr. Lovedeep Randhawa
          October 02, 2021 CE Reporting Form for Small Steps, Giant Health Transformations - Andrew Luu
          October 02, 2021 CE Reporting Form for Mastering Resin Restorations - Dr. Pio Modi
          October 02, 2021 CE Reporting Form for The process of care module, ADPIE and GBT for Dental Implants Learning outcomes. - Penny Hatzimanolakis RDH
          October 02, 2021 CE Reporting Form for Avoid 10 common occlusion traps that destroy your dentistry - Dr. Nada Albatish
          October 02, 2021 CE Reporting Form for Ultrasonics 2021 - Navigating "New" Best Practices - Dani Botbyl RDH
          October 02, 2021 CE Reporting Form for Special Funding Programs for Special Patients & CAWD Launch - Dr. Cheryl Cable
          October 02, 2021 CE Reporting Form for Considerations when wanting to implement a digital workflow in the dental office - Mark Rotsaert
          October 02, 2021 CE Reporting Form for Keeping it Real! Day to Day Restorative Materials and Techniques used by a Pediatric Dentist after practicing for 5 year - Dr. Omar Mohammad
          October 02, 2021 CE Reporting Form for An Overview of Neurotoxins in Aesthetic Medicine - Dr. Amanda Maloney
          October 02, 2021 Northwest Dental Exposition 2021
          May 27, 2021 Annual General Meeting 2021
          April 09, 2021 Dr. John A. Sorensen - Predictable Excellence in Esthetic Fixed Prosthodontics:
          April 09, 2021 CE Reporting Form for Scientific Session on April 9, 2021
          March 26, 2021 Dr. John Svirsky - Update on Xerostomia, Vaping and Human Papilloma Virus (half day) Review of common radiolucent and radiopaque lesions (half day)
          March 26, 2021 CE Reporting Form for Scientific Session on March 26, 2021
          January 21, 2021 Dr. C. Yarascavitch - “Hey Doc, I'm scared of the Dentist!": Comprehensive Management of the Anxious Patient.
          December 04, 2020 Dr. Brian J. Goodacre - Digital Dentures: Benefits, Workflows, and Future Applications
          November 06, 2020 Dr. Charkhandeh - Sleep & Airway Management; Why, How & What?
          October 10, 2020 Dr. David Gratton - Digital Workflows for Everyday Dentistry
          September 26, 2020 Northwest Dental Exposition 2020
          November 29, 2019 Dr. Cheryl Cable, Dr. Brian Kucey, Dr. Karen Cheng, Dr. Leon Yu, Dr. Saljae Aurora, Dr. Jessica Yu, Dr. Carl Young, Dr. Kenneth Dick Day of Local Specialists in conjunction with the Alberta Society of Dental Specialists
          October 18, 2019 Dr. Terry Donovan - Practical Pearls for Clinical Dentistry: Controversies in Restorative Dentistry
          October 04, 2019 Northwest Dental Exposition 2019
          April 26, 2019 Dr. Juan Yepes – Oral Diagnosis in the Pediatric Patient
          March 22, 2019 Dr. Christine Berthold – The Key to Endodontic Success
          January 11, 2019 Dr. Joel Antel – Patient Communication and Office Organization for New and Established Practitioners
          November 18, 2018 Dr. Tim Bizga – The Keys to Successful Predictable and Efficient Composite Restorations
          October 26, 2018 Dr. Bill Preshing & Greg Clarkes – Safely Caring for Our Patients with Medical Issues/Medical Emergency Management- A Team Based Approach
          September 21, 2018 Northwest Dental Exposition 2018
          April 06, 2018 Dr. John Svirsky – Recognition, Diagnosis & Treatment of Soft Tissue Lesion
          March 23, 2018 Dr. Stace Lind - The General Practice Restorative Update
          January 12, 2018 Dr. Dave Burnham/Dr. Reena Talwar – Dental Implant Treatment Options & Complications - Simple to Complex
          December 01, 2017 Dr. Lee Ann Brady – Avoiding Restorative Failure
          November 17, 2017 Dr. James Kohner – Soft Tissue Grafting - Managing Periodontal Disease
          October 27, 2017 Dr. David French – Implant Designs & the Impact on Treatment Planning & Risk Prevention
          September 06, 2017 Northwest Dental Exposition 2017
          April 28, 2017 Dr. Fay Goldstep-Regenerate, Bioactivate – Treating Patients in the 21st Century
          March 24, 2017 Dr. Peter Barndt - Digital Workflows for Restoring Dental Implants
          January 13, 2017 Dr. Derek Mahoney - Orthodontic Treatment of Impacted Teeth, Dentists Role in Shoring & Sleep Apnea
          November 18, 2016 Dr. Maria Abdennour - Restorative Endodontics
          October 28, 2016 Michael Dare - The Creation and Maintenance of the Safe Dental Sedation Team
          September 30, 2016 Northwest Dental Exposition 2016
          April 29, 2016 Dr. Matt Witt - Monday Morning Orthodontics
          March 18, 2016 Dr. Doug Lambert - A Recipe for Success with Direct Composites
          January 22, 2016 Dr. Fernanda Almeida - The Role of Dentists in a Sleepy World: The Good and Bad News About OSA
          November 27, 2015 Dr. David Clark-Clinical Oral Pathology Review / Psychiatric Illness & Dentistry: Challenges for Oral Care
          October 30, 2015 Corey Poirier - The 5 weeds you must pull from your life
          September 25, 2015 Northwest Dental Exposition 2015
          April 24, 2015 Dr. Ed Barret - Pediatric Dentistry: Clear Expectations and Predictable Outcomes
          March 13, 2015 Dr. Elliot Mechanic - Cookbook for Today’s Restorative Esthetic Dental Practice
          January 23, 2015 Dr. Joel Antel - Patient Communication and Office Organization for New and Established Practitioners
          November 28, 2014 Drs. Sonia Leziy and Brahm Miller - The interactive Role of the Surgical, Restorative and Technical Teams in Optimal Implant Therapy in the Highly Sensitive Esthetic Zone
          October 31, 2014 Meg Soper - Wit fit and Balance
          September 19, 2014 Northwest Dental Exposition 2014
          April 11, 2014 Barb Bancroft – Shampoos, Tattoos, and Barbeques – Infectious Disease Update
          March 14, 2014 Dr. John Kanca – Adhesive Dentistry 2kll
          January 24, 2014 Drs. David Hatcher & James Mah – Contemporary Utilization of Cone-Beam CT in Dentistry
          December 13, 2013 Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson – Dental Occlusion: It Can Make or Break You
          October 25, 2013 Dr. E Luce – A Potpourri of Topics in Medical Sedation Emergencies and the Medically Complex Patient
          September 27, 2013 Northwest Dental Exposition 2013
          April 13, 2013 Dr. Jeffrey Coil – Endodontics for the General Practitioner: What you need to know!
          March 15, 2013 Dr. Michael Sesemann – The Synergy of Esthetics and Function/Material Selection in the 21st Century Esthetic Dental Practice
          February 01, 2013 Dr. Ernest Lam – The Role of 3D Imaging in Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Practice
          December 07, 2012 Dr. Fred Margolis – Update in Pediatric Dentistry – Esthetic Dentistry for Children
          November 02, 2012 Tom Douglas – Managing People, Projects and Priorities
          September 21, 2012 Northwest Dental Exposition 2012
          March 16, 2012 Dr. Stanley Malamed - Emergency Medicine in Dentistry
          January 13, 2012 Dr. Steve Rasner - Extraordinary Success in 2012: The Relevance of Clinical Excellence, Leadership and Balance
          January 13, 2012 Dr. Howard Tenenbaum - Novel Approaches to Problems Facing Dentistry Today
          December 02, 2011 Dr. David Hornbrook - Hot Topics in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry
          October 28, 2011 Dr. Mark Hyman - A 360 Slam Dunk Guide for Successful Teams
          April 29, 2011 Dr. Louis Malcmacher – The Hottest Topics in Dentistry
          March 18, 2011 Dr. Noman Thomas - The Time Has Come to Apply Neuromuscular Dentistry in Practice
          January 21, 2011 Evelyn Ramsay – Realizing the Practice’s True Potential
          December 03, 2010 Dr. Fran Higgenbottom - Current Concepts in Esthetic Implant Dentistry
          October 29, 2010 Dr. Ron Jackson - Esthetic Inlays/Onlays
          April 09, 2010 Dr. Joe Whitehouse - Minimally Invasive Dentistry for Everyday Applications-Integrating a Philosophy
          March 12, 2010 Dr. John Farrah - Best Kept Secrets: the Next Ten Years in Cometic and Restorative Dentistry
          January 22, 2010 Dr. Mark Hutten - An Introduction to the Thommen Medical Dental Implant System
          November 27, 2009 Dr. Richard Litt - Sweeping Away the Myths Separating Fact from Fiction in Orthodontics
          October 23, 2009 Joan Garbo - Mastering Excellence in Patient Relations

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